Wednesday, 1 June 2016

DIY Storage #Reuse

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I've been looking for some eco friendly storage solutions for a while. I couldn't find anything in a reasonable price range, so I decided to make my own.

This little challenge took me a while (think of the Fairy advert where the little kid wants to build a spaceship out of the liquid carton!)
I had to wait till people had finished with their cereal to nick the boxes :).

Note: You can use other type of boxes, not just cereal ones :)


I used tape to decorate the boxes, you can use decorative paper if you wish. I know most of the box isn't going to be visible in the draw, so a bit of tape will do.

Ruler and Pencil:
Just to make sure the box is level all the way round

To cut, if you don't have a guillotine

Glue and Paper clips:
In case you need to take apart the original box to cut around. (paper clips to hold the glued bits until the glue is dry)

First storage box: 

I wanted to organise my cosmetic draw. I got fed up of everything falling over and or rolling everywhere.

With the smallest width box, I cut off the top and bottom part of the box to the height I need (varies on draw size).

Then with the tape. I taped around the boxes.

Again you can use decorative paper, but again the box isn't really going to be seen and I like the simple look.

So far these little storage solutions have been great.
And I'm really glad I have taken this picture. I will be comparing it to how it looks at the end of the year after I have hopefully finished up and simplified my cosmetic draw. (Zero waste Journey blog post Here)

2nd Storage Solution:

After clearing out my wardrobe I had a pile of vest tops. I would put them on the shelf in my wardrobe but they would always fall over. So I got two cereal boxes (the same ones for size), and just cut the front off.

Taped around the boxes for decoration and to make them more sturdy.
Using The Konmari method, I have storage for my vest tops. Easy to see them and easy access.

I also did the same for my underwear and socks. I'm not sharing pictures of my undies :).

I really enjoy trying to upcycle as much as I can. Aiming for a zero waste lifestyle has really increased my love of crafting. I know some of you might be thinking that Yes, some of this stuff can be Recycled. But we need to remember that Recycling should be considered as the last resort. Yes, Recycling uses less energy/waste than New but Reuse/Repurpose uses a lot less energy/waste than Recycling.  The best options are always to mend and upcycle.  Plus saving anything from going to Landfill is a must.

I hope I have given you ideas on what you can save/rescue. Not only are we doing our little bit to save the planet with these little things. But, we are also saving money which is great.

Have you made your own storage solutions?

Till next time

Donna x

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