Monday, 20 June 2016

Morning Workout Routine Update! ~ Fitness Journey

I shared my last morning routine back in February 2015 (blog post Here )  I have changed it since. I've gradually increased my workout and now I think I have got it just right. So I thought it was about time I share my New and improved Morning workout routine.  

I still use my trusty Wii Fit. I like the way it tracks / shows how my balance is doing, like everyone (hopefully :/) some days my balance is so good I surprise myself and some its SHOCKING! Shocking as in BAD shocking. I'm surprised I can stand, lol.

A few months after sharing my first routine, I started noticing the workout was getting easy. Meaning it was going really quick and I was getting bored. So I started adding more Yoga moves into it and then started adding more Muscle moves. After a few more months of re arranging the routine. I think I've finally got it right. For now anyway, until my body again gets used to it or I get bored. At the moment its still a big mix of, 'sometimes the 30 minutes fly by' to 'this 30 minutes feels like hours!'

Inbetween 16 and 17 I add in Extended Puppy Pose, just to give my shoulders a stretch.

My attempt at Extended Puppy Pose

Like I said in my previous routine, I still like to do this workout before I have breakfast. I feel better this way. But that doesn't always happen.
And, My morning workouts are not set in stone. Some mornings I just can't be bothered, Yep.. Can't be bothered. And I will just stick with the Yoga poses for that days Challenges, which can take any time between 15 and 30 mins, depending on if my camera wants to focus or not!!

As long as I start my day off with a good Stretch that's all that matters :)

Do you like to do a workout in the morning?

Till next time

Donna x

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