Monday, 15 August 2016

July Fitness Diary

Last months post, I said this month (July) I would be doing a new Weekly workout routine. Well, that never happened.

I decided to just do whatever I felt like doing that day, which was mainly a Yoga workout.

I was really busy this month and my Anxiety was quite high. Practicing Yoga was a great way to relax my body & mind :).

I have done a Yoga & Anxiety post if you want a nosey, you can find it Here 

I have also been practicing Meditation ~ I've been practicing for the past few months, just for 10 minutes nearly everyday. I'm finding it really helpful. I might do a separate post for this soon or talk more in next months diary.

I did join in with a few little yoga challenges this month.

Here are my poses

Even though I haven't stuck to a routine in a long time now. I'm still improving my fitness and I'm still on the right track to hitting my goals.

Lets see what happens in August :).

How's your fitness journey going? Do you stick with a routine?

Till next time

Donna x

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