Monday, 1 August 2016

What's in our Fridge? ~ Zero Waste Lifestyle

First things first, yep I probably could've organised our fridge a lot better. But seriously who can keep there fridge organised. I know, I've tried but I can't. I want to show what our fridge really looks like.
I should also note that one of us is a Vegetarian/Vegan and the other is not.

I'm really happy with how our fridge is looking. Aiming for a zero waste lifestyle has its ups and downs when it comes to food and its packaging. But, 7 months into this lifestyle, I'm very happy with the way its going.

Its no way near completely Zero Waste and realistically never will be, unless they ban plastic packaging for food (fingers crossed). And we both go Vegan.

We still have a few things we are going through that are in plastic packaging and a few items of food we purchase only come wrapped in plastic, like, cucumber, lettuce and potatoes

We haven't found places that sell these items package free. I know they are out there somewhere, I see pictures on Instagram.

We purchase our groceries from a Supermarket, Local Market Stall and sometimes a Farm Shop and sometimes mainly in the summer months we get fruits and veggies from my parents Garden.

If you follow me on Instagram @donnaukx you would know I drink a lot of smoothies. And We eat a lot of Salads.

Here is our fridge in more detail.

Starting at the bottom

Potatoes (A lot) we have a mix of Maris Piper and Sweet Potatoes
Onion ~ We use half the onion to make Homemade Coleslaw
Fresh Broccoli
Lettuce ( which comes in plastic :( )

In the draws

Apples and Pears

Carrots and More Potatoes (in plastic :( )

Shelf above

Mayonnaise ( not mine, I can happily say I haven't had mayo for at least 2 months :) )
Cucumber (wrapped in plastic :( )
Cabbage ~ 1/4 is used for the homemade Coleslaw
behind the Cabbage is a Large glass jar of coconut oil (see in next pic) and 
A Dark Chocolate Bar (Mine)
A Milk Chocolate Bar (Mr's)  both bars are wrapped in Foil and Paper :)
Jars (x4) of pickled beetroot ( See my Jars, Jars and more Jars post to see what I do with most of my used jars)

Oranges and Clementine's
Eggs (not mine)

Top Shelf

Avocado (stored in a reusable plastic container)
Pineapple (Chopped and stored in a reusable plastic container) 
And a Tin of opened Baked Beans, which you will always see in our fridge. We are trying out other Brands of Baked Beans because we recently found out that Heinz use Palm Oil :( .

The Door

Top ~

Butter and Margarines (Not Mine, also in plastic tubs :( Butter is wrapped in a wrapper that can't be recycled :( :( )
Small Tub of Coconut oil ( I use for my Hair) in a plastic tub :(
 Middle ~

Peanut Butter ~ Palm Oil Free :)
A Little Jar of Tomato Ketchup (My parents gave it to me, they got it with a meal they had out)
Lemon (in plastic :( )

Bottom ~

Burger Sauce
Salad Cream (both not mine and are in Plastic Bottles :( )
Garlic Paste ~ For Pizza and Sauces
Tomato Paste ~ Also for Pizza and Sauces
Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottle ~ I like to have one bottle of cold water in the fridge, I alternate between two bottles through out the day.
Milk ( Not mine and also comes in a plastic bottle :( ).

I have probably stored our food in the wrong places but this is what works for us and to be honest everything gets moved around all the time anyway. I can take a picture of our fridge again now and I can tell you it will look different already. 

Also our home gets really warm, so we no longer have a fruit bowl. Everything gets stored in the Fridge (if it fits).

As you can see we are not completely zero waste. There is still plastic in our fridge, not a lot but we are trying our best to reduce it. It will take some time, especially with the sauces and margarine, we (not me, mainly others) don't use them a lot. But once they are finished we will purchase them in a glass jar/bottle, make our own or no longer use them.

And Until the plastic boxes are no longer usable we will keep using them to store our food and then look into purchasing stainless steel or glass containers.

If it looks like we aren't going to eat something. We will prepare that item and Freeze it. I like to freeze a lot of Fruit to go in my smoothies.

This isn't what we only eat, we have a lot of frozen fruit and Veggies in our freezer along with other meals and our cupboards are full of items, which I will share at the end of our 1st year of aiming for a zero waste lifestyle. At the start of our journey I took pictures of our food cupboards. I'm going to compare before and after pictures. Sadly I forgot to take a before picture of our fridge :(.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what's in our fridge. I hope it has inspired you and given you motivation to live a healthier and less wasteful lifestyle. Just remember nobody is perfect. You will probably still have some items wrapped in plastic. Like I said above, unless they ban it, you will still have some :(. Just be happy with yourself that you have made a better choice.

Till next time

Eat Clean, Train Mean, Live Green

Donna x

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  1. Your fridge looks beautiful! I can't believe you don't think it's organized, it is heads and shoulders above mine. All that fruit, yum! Maybe I should take some "before" photos and see how far we go in the next 6 months. I already did that in our bathroom right after I posted about how hubby was more zero waste in the bathroom than I was:

    1. Thank you Katy :) I've been looking at Pinterest and Instagram ~ some fridges are so organised and beautiful! I try my best :). Yes you should take pictures, they are a great way to see progress. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the fridge, I did everything else but, the fridge :).

      My Mr. is the same, It seems to be a lot easier for men. I will catch up with him :)

      Thank you for reading :)