Friday, 30 September 2016

Cards Lately ~ May to September 2016

Hello! you may/may not have noticed I've been a bit quiet on a here and a few of my social media pages. The past two months I haven't been well, not going to bore you with it. I don't have any fitness diary posts so I thought I would ease myself back into my little space on the internet with a Cards Lately post.

If you are new to my blog ~ If you are not I'm going to repeat myself  here from my last Cards Lately post

This year I set a challenge to reduce my waste. Blog post Here will explain more.

One of my goals is to use up my craft stash. You know us Crafters we keep everything!  Because of this I have so much stuff. I'm going to try and not print off, and purchase anything new, until my craft stash is empty or realistically nearly empty. Then I will purchase more eco-friendly products.

Since my last Cards post. I have kind of stuck with my goal and used everything I already have. Apart from one card (the Bing card) I had to print out a picture to trace around).
And since I've been unwell I haven't been able to make any cards :( I had to purchase a few cards :(. Not happy about that.

Here are the cards I have made since May:


Hoping I'll be back to myself again soon because I have quite a few cards to make for the next few months, plus its time to start Christmas cards. I really don't like purchasing cards anymore. Especially when I have so much craft supplies.

I'm hoping I can stick with my challenge and only use what I have in my craft stash. With the Christmas cards, this will be my first year of using up what I have and try not to print off anything. Need to put my crafters cap on. We will see in my next Cards Lately what I create :)

Till next time

Donna x

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