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Meditation (My views and Advice) ~ Mental Health

I firstly want to say ~ I'm not an expert in Meditation. These are my views and advice on what I have found works for me.
I started trying meditation a few years ago. I would just sit or lay down and clear my mind or at least try and clear my mind and focus on my breathing. I personally didn't really see much benefit from it. Unless I practiced before I went to sleep and most of the time I would end up having a good nights sleep. Which is good. But with all the other benefits I kept reading about. I just kept thinking this obviously isn't right for me.

5 months ago my anxiety started to get bad again. I kept getting guided again towards Meditation. Like I said above I've never really seen much benefit from it. So I didn't bother with it. Until, someone I followed mentioned an App called Headspace ~ Its a Guided Meditation app for your phone/iPad . I had never heard of guided Meditation and the app was for FREE so I thought why not give it a go. What have I got to lose.

(I should quickly add this is not a sponsored post ~ everything I have mentioned and going to mention is what I have found :) ) 

Here is a little video from the guy who is behind Headspace

Why 10 minutes each day can change your day - Andy Puddicombe

Well...This app gives you 10 free days of  10 minutes guided meditation.
(Then you have to pay for the rest, and that's a lot of ££££. But the 10 days you get free are worth checking out.)

My first experience of being guided was: the first few minutes of me thinking OMGeee how am I going to sit still and focus for 10 minutes. Yep my anxiety got a bit bad at this point. I struggled with 10 minutes. But I was so shocked at how quickly the 10 minutes flew by.

I carried on and everyday I gave myself 10 minutes with this app. 

During a part of the 10 minutes, you are supposed to let your mind wonder. Just let it do what it wants to do. Don't force anything.

By day 5 for me. For the first time in, I really don't know how long. During this part. 

My brain was QUIET !

So quiet, I actually got really emotional. I couldn't believe I actually took control of my mind.

It felt AWESOME.

The rest of  my 10 days was so relaxing I couldn't believe how great it was.

I'm not saying my Anxiety is cured. I still have it. But Meditating is really helping me to feel calm and its giving me more control over it.

After finally seeing the benefits, I started to search for other guided meditations. And Kino, If you have been following me you would know I mention Kino a lot. Kino organizes the yoga challenges with Kerri. On YouTube channel Kino shares her Guided Meditation practice.

I have started to use her videos for my guide. The videos where Kino is on the beach are so relaxing. I really recommend you check them out.

So I have obviously realised I must have been doing meditation wrong before. I just needed a bit of help to start off. I have been trying to meditate without a guide but my mind wonders off too much. I think I need to stick with the guide for now. Until I get more control over it.

Its only been a few months of guided meditating. Some days I do find it difficult to fit it in. Lately I have been making more of a conscious effort to fit in 10 minutes everyday. But, to be honest with you, I do look forward to it.  The best way I find to meditate is either in the morning before I get out of bed or before I go to bed. But really anytime is great.

What I said above. I'm not an expert in Meditation and these guides might not be right for you. But I really do recommend you give it a try. In the first few months of practicing I'm seeing the benefits. It took me 5 days to actually witness the benefits. It might take you less or even more. We are all different. There is no harm in trying. What have you got to lose? 10 minutes? What will you use the 10 minutes for:  Stress and losing control OR Calm and taking back control :).

It is worth a go.

Do you practice meditation?

Till next

Donna x

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