Thursday, 1 December 2016

Countdown to Christmas

If you didn't know and or you are new to my blog. My Mr and I have over the past 11 months changed our lifestyle to live (aim for) Zero Waste.
I have always tried to get into the Christmas spirit and got an Advent Calendar to countdown to the 'big day'. This year I did have a little dilemma ~ knowing how much waste (packaging) is involved in an advent calendar. I decided not to get one. But, I still wanted to find something, that I could do. Just to get into the festive spirit.

I was searching on Instagram on the # Journal ~ I've been doing this a lot recently, since I got back into Journaling, to get ideas for my pages. I came across this great idea from @smooth_lettering 

Everyday up to Christmas day. Write 1 thing that you are Thankful for. And on Christmas Day look back at all things you may / may not have taken for granted.

I personally think its a great way to remember that Christmas isn't about giving, or giving yourself treats (which you should be doing all year round.) This time of year can for some get really stressful and whatever your meaning of Christmas is, we all need a little reminder sometimes on what we do have.

Do you have an advent calendar? How do you countdown the days till Christmas?

Till next time

Donna x

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