Monday, 12 December 2016

Holiday Wish Lists? Gift Guides?

Its that time of the year where we are surrounded and bombarded with even more Adverts, Gift Guides and "Sales". We see on average 1000's of advertisements EVERYDAY. Trying to persuade us into spending a lot of money on things you most of the time don't really need. And just because its Christmas there is more. I thought by the time we got to December I would have done a full 180* on what I thought about Wish lists, Gift Guides. I had it all planned at the end of last year. To do Blogmas again and have at least 3 gift guide posts. Well. after a year of living a Zero waste, minimalist lifestyle. I do and I don't have the same view on these posts.

I will admit the first gift guide I did on my blog was for a competition. I wanted to win one of the items. Then the rest because I thought it was what you had to do because its what bloggers seem to do. Especially around Christmas time. It seems every blogger / vlogger does a guide or favourites post. Even though most of them are sponsored posts (not mine). I find it quite difficult to believe if it is something people actually want or need Or are just getting paid to post a few items on their blog. 

I'm not saying don't read or watch these posts. Some are quite informative. I'm just getting a bit fed up with all the advertisements. Every where you look now days we are bombarded with them. I have read somewhere (can't remember where) we actually see on average 5000 ads a day! At first reading that I thought REALLY 5000?!? but then I really thought about it and I suppose it does really depend on your lifestyle, we really are surrounded by them. If you purchase daily newspapers and magazines they are full of them. Billboards, bus stops, shops, social media, blogs, radio and TV and living in a city all this is EVERYWHERE. My main concern is how much of this stuff that is advertised do we really need ? 

My views have changed on Consumerism. They are pretty much the same as what The Minimalists said

"There's nothing wrong with consumption. The problem is compulsory consumption."
We will always need to purchase Stuff ~ Its just the stuff and the amount of stuff we are purchasing is getting out of hand. Most products are not designed to last anymore and its main design is for landfill. And the companies are taking no responsibilities for the lifespan and afterlife of THEIR product.
I've always been a conscious buyer but now I think more of do I need this not do I want this. Will this product bring value to my life or will it end up being something else that will clutter my life. And more importantly what will happen to this when I no longer need/want it.

I do like Gift guides, they can give you ideas. But. Do they really??? Do you really need what they are pretty much advertising Or more importantly does the person you are buying for REALLY need it.
I am the sort of person that only purchases what that person really needs. I'm not going to waste time and money on something that the person DOESN'T need or want and then probably depending on the item will only end up wasting that persons time.
And do we really have to give gifts to show someone we care????? Especially the more expensive the gift the better!.  
No. No we don't.

So ~ Do I think Gift Guides are good?
I'm going to say Yes, yes to a point. I personally am not going to do a gift guide post. But that doesn't mean I never will. Because I think at the end of the day they are a guide and if the gift guide/wish list is related to a hobby/lifestyle then you might see something that will bring value to your life.
I just think we all (me included) need to take a step back and really think do we/they really NEED this. And more importantly what's going to happen to the gift ~ is it designed for landfill.

Are you just purchasing gifts because we are being told its what we "have" to do???
There are so many other ways, to show someone you care.

What are your opinions on Gift Guides or Just Gift giving in general. I would love to know.

Till next time

Donna x

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