Monday, 20 February 2017

A year aiming for a Zero Waste Lifestyle Part 3 ~ Upcycling

This has been and still is my favourite part of our journey and 'new' lifestyle. I'm in craft heaven :)  During the past year of decluttering and organising EVERYTHING, a few of the items we already owned that would have been sent to Landfill or Recycled ~ I could reuse and upcycle. I know you might be thinking aren't you trying to simplify and minimalise your life? Yes, yes we are. But we will still have stuff, and the stuff that is left needs to be organised and looked after. I realised quite early on, I didn't need to purchase new things to do this. 

Before our Journey started I used to purchase Tic Tacs. Now obviously I no longer do because they are packaged in plastic.

I use the case to organise my ribbons in my craft stash

And to hold my hair clips.

Upcycling Glass Jars has been a lot of fun ~ Please see my blog post HERE for more ideas.

Old Shirts I made produce bags. Blog post coming soon

Draw organisers ~ See blog post HERE

These are so handy at keeping everything in order.

I've even used a plastic tub that had chocolate in, to store and organise my pens and pencils.

We had so many Crisps to go through (you can see some in part 1 pictures of the kitchen cupboards), then found out they can't be recycled!

We made Napkin holders and I'm framing a mirror with them. Blog post coming soon.

I found in my craft supply I had a box of ice lolly sticks (us crafters keep everything!). I made some Plant / Herb pot holders for my herbs ~ blog post coming soon

I've had so much fun trying to upcycle as much as I can. I'm still decorating used glass jars, for my plants. I'm waiting for few to dry as I type this :). I might do a separate post showing all the Jars, when I have finished.

Aiming for a zero waste lifestyle has really increased my love of crafting. I know some of you might be thinking that Yes, some of this stuff can be Recycled. But we need to remember that Recycling should always be considered as the last resort. Yes, Recycling uses less energy/waste than New but Reuse/Repurpose uses a lot less energy/waste than Recycling.  The best options are always to mend and upcycle.  Plus saving anything from going to Landfill is a must.

If you need anything for your home, first think do you really need it? Then always look around and see what you can upcycle. You will be surprised at what you can do.  

See you in part 4

Donna x 

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