Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Plastic Free July 2017 Challenge ~ Our Results

Some of you maybe aware of Plastic Free July, if not. Plastic Free July is a campaign to raise awareness of the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives. Especially Single-use plastic. And every July since 2011 there is a challenge to refuse for a whole month, Single- use plastic.

Even though we started our zero waste journey last year. This is the first year we joined in.
Not going to kid around I thought because we have been on our journey for 19 months we would find this challenge REALLY easy.

Was it easy?

Nope...No we failed.

We completely forgot about the ice lollies.

Really disgusted with all this plastic!

Even though we failed. We really learnt a lot. Saving every piece of plastic we purchased, single-use or not. It really opened our eyes to what we purchase. And seeing all that plastic from the ice lollies that CAN NOT be recycled its not worth the "treat", it really isn't . It was, I say a smack in the face and a big wake up call, to really motivate us to make our own. Which not only are  zero waste, but cheaper and Healthier. It really has got to me, seeing all this plastic because these ice lollies have absolutely no nutritional value, Nothing. I was only eating them because they are like the Junk food I used to eat, but a vegan, palm oil free version. I never thought about the wrapper, just one a day was nothing. But seeing them all together, a whole months worth of "TREATS" it really is shocking!. Tesco will be getting these wrappers back. And we no longer purchase these ice lollies.

The rest of the packaging, we don't really have an alternative. We don't live near a bulk store.
Frozen Veggies and fruit, Porridge Oats, Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber And my vegan cheese, which when we finally purchase a more powerful blender I will be making my own cashew cheese. My little magic bullet struggled when we first attempted making our own cheese.

Our local supermarket recycles the plastic packaging from the above products. Which obviously doesn't make it okay. We would prefer to not have it in the first place.

Since this challenge, I no longer eat Quorn. Mainly because it contains egg. I no longer want to eat them (health reasons). I now purchase Linda McCartney products that are in a cardboard packaging. And we are having a go at making our own Hash Browns.

The following items are packaged in a Tetra Pak (which until a few days ago I found out they really are not sustainable :( ).
The Tropicana Juices ~ This really is just laziness on our part and the amount of oranges we would have to purchase and squeeze to make a glass!!
Coconut Milk ~ I use this for my smoothies and they are fortified with calcium and B12. If I was to make my own, I would not get a lot of this in my diet. Because I don't eat any thing like cereals or store bread, which are fortified with calcium and B12.
So for now the Coconut milk is staying. Unless I can find one in a glass bottle.

So as you see even though we technically failed, because we have all them ice lolly wrappers that can not be recycled. We did learn from it. Failures and mistakes are only that if you do not learn from them.  We have, and have given those failures value.

We have really gotten more motivated to make our own food, and make even more healthier choices.
My advice to reduce your plastic consumption is take note of what you dispose off for a month. It really does make you aware of what you consume. And hopefully like us find a better alternative.

Did you participate in Plastic Free July? Did you learn anything? I would love to know.

Till next time

Donna x

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